Billy Bolt Race Report - Rd 2 British Extreme Championship

Billy Bolt Race Report - Rd 2 British Extreme Championship

After a confidence inspiring ride 2 weeks ago in France Billy entered round 2 of the British Extreme championship with new goals, and that was to fight for a podium position.

Of course for the young rookie thats a big ask when you have several of the worlds extreme elite riding here in the UK and only 3 races under your belt, but there is nothing wrong with having goals to aim for.

With a top 3 start Billy looked like he would be in with a chance , but on lap one he had a nasty crash and then another mistake which knocked his confidence and pushed him outside the top 10, it took a couple of laps to re-group and get into a good rhythm again .

He systematically picked off riders one by one and within the next two laps reached fourth place and made no further errors, only the top 4 completed 12 laps and Billy's last 2 laps were his strongest and actually faster than those of Knight and Bolton in front of him.

Billy didn't quite reach his goal of the podium, but he was very close to that and now knows that without mistakes its possible at the next event.

After 2 rounds Billy now sits in 3rd overall for the Championship with 2 rounds remaining.

Team Manager Julian Stevens - "It was a great day for us, with a first place from Jonny Walker and the new boy Billy starting to show his potential, he really made a solid race and is quickly bridging the gap between himself and the established Pros. A lot more lessons were learned at this race and his progress is really obvious, things are going better than we could expect. Thanks to all helpers and sponsors who support our plans and share our enthusiasm.”

Billy Bolt - "Well I'm annoyed with myself about the mistakes in the first 2 laps but after that the race went really well and I was able to keep pushing forward and felt really strong at the end, especially as I could see 3rd place was getting closer, its the first enduro I have done that I was racing at the finish and not just surviving, I feel great progress with my riding and my fitness."


  1. Jonny Walker, KTM 250 EXCF , 12 Laps 2:16:10:997
  2. David Knight , KTM 300 EXC, 12 Laps 2:19:33:382
  3. Paul Bolton , KTM 300 EXC, 12 Laps 2:23:13:686
  4. Billy Bolt, KTM 300 EXC, 12 Laps 2:24:02:972
  5. Jonno Richardson, KTM 300 EXC, 11 Laps 2:19:51:792

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